Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Test Almost Reaches 200 MPH

Elon Musk’s new transportation option Hyoperlook was successfully tested and achieved 192 mph on its DevLoop track in the Nevada desert. I am excited to hear that we are making significant progress and can hope to dream that this form of transportation becomes a viable and regular option and it looks like fun.

Hyperloop tests its ‘passenger pod’ in historic 310mph run

The July 29, 2017, tests hit record test speeds traveling nearly the full distance of the 500-meter DevLoop track in the Nevada desert, and was the first time the pod has been used…


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Why Does Mark Cuban Believe That He’s An Investor and Not a Venture Capitalist?

In March of this year Mark Cuban at the 2017 SXSW Conference and Festivals in Austin, Texas stated that he’s an investor not a venture capitalist. When he was asked what the difference is he stated the following “The difference is I try to be supportive and involved in the companies I invest in.” These are sharp words from a typically quick to judge and successful gentle that is also one of the judges on the popular start up show “The Shark Tank” and owner of the NBA franchise The Dallas Mavericks.

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Mark Cuban: I’m Not a Venture Capitalist, I’m an Investor

There’s a difference, the Shark Tank Shark argues…


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Frightened of Driverless Cars Becoming Reality?

No this picture is not related to the latest  Stephen King novel or associated to another SciFi movie like Star Trek. However, It does represent today’s reality of driverless cars. I have to admit it that I am a little frightened of driverless cars, but at the same time I am truly excited about the promise and efficiency that it promises. Today BBC News published a story regarding how a driverless shuttle bus is being tested over the next 3 weeks in a bourough of London called Greenwich. It will be exciting to see and hopefully report that all goes well. Stay tuned in…

Driverless shuttle bus to be tested by public in London – BBC News

Over the next three weeks, about 100 people will travel in a prototype vehicle on a two-mile route…


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Should We Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

Recently, it was reported that Elon Musk of Tesla (TSLA), SpaceX, etc. thinks we should be afraid of the artificial intelligence (“AI”) and that we might be headed toward extinction if we are not careful. He was quoted as follows “We are summoning the demon”. These are amazingly strong words coming from a guy that believes we should colonize the universe (next stop Mars..?).

For those of you that need a simple definition of Artificial intelligence (AI), it can be summed up as “intelligence exhibited by machines”. We are currently experiencing a leap forward in AI in concert with significant progress in computer power, sizes of training sets, theoretical understanding, & AI specific techniques that are aiding this development and causing many to fear what may result and how close we are to realizing the results.

Now Elon Musk, along with his business partner in a relatively new project, Sam Altman, President or Y Combinator, have now founded OpenAI, a billion-dollar nonprofit company, that is focused on working for “safer artificial intelligence”. It will be interesting to see how their efforts along with others will help guide us through these uncharted waters and hopefully guide us away from extinction as some fear may be inevitable.

Note that the 2017 EmTechDigital Conference is currently going on March 27-28 in San Francisco and is to focus on the business impact of artificial intelligence. Apparently it is sold out!


Elon Musk’s Billion-Dollar Crusade to Stop the A.I. Apocalypse

Elon Musk is famous for his futuristic gambles, but Silicon Valley’s latest rush to embrace artificial intelligence scares him. And he thinks you should be frightened too. Inside his efforts to influence the rapidly advancing field and its proponents, and to save humanity from machine-learning overlords…


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Lockheed Martin (LHT) Handing “Star Wars Like” Laser Beam Weapon to U.S. Military?

It was reported that the U.S. Military is likely getting an early Christmas gift to fight the “bad” guys as Lockheed Martin (LHT) has developed a laser beam system that can focus energy toward a single, small spot. For any of you that are Star Wars fans or at least SciFi followers your imagination and fancy like mine is registering off the charts. At the same time I am truly afraid of what this might mean in the future…..Note that LHT pays a healthy ~2.70% dividend.

Lockheed Martin completes new battle laser for U.S. military

A new laser for warfare is ready to be delivered to the U.S. military..


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Snapchat (SNAP) Prices IPO on NYSE

Snapchat prices is much awaited IPO Wednesday at $17 and the above the target price and raising $3.4 billion. Snapchat now enjoys a market valuation of approximately $24 billion,  Not too shabby for 5-year old company that provides a disappearing-messaging app and continues  to lose money! USA! USA! USA!

Snap tops expectations in pricing of long-awaited IPO

At $17 a share, the parent of popular disappearing-messaging app Snapchat has a market valuation of roughly $24 billion, more than double the size of rival Twitter and the richest valuation in a U.S. tech IPO since Facebook in 2012…


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Personal Submarines!

If you are like me, you have dreamed to be James Bond and to be able to drive those amazing vehicles on the ground, in the air or in the water that he always has at his disposal in the movies.  It would seem this personal
submarine pictured below  might certainly check that box.

DeepFlight Dragon review: The awesome underwater quadcopter anyone can drive

When you get an opportunity to go fly a 1.5 million dollar electric personal submarine that looks like a Formula One car, but operates like a quadcopter in reverse, on beautiful Lake Tahoe, California, damnit you take that opportunity. Even when things start to go wrong…


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SpaceX Headed To The Moon!

Apparently 2 private citizens have now employed SpaceX to fly them around the moon next year via their Dragon 2 development. That is what I call one hellava vacation and the one story that these individuals will have to one-up all at parties this year and next. I feel like we’re surging forward exponentially and now we are living in a “Star Trek world” these days. I for one am excited. I recommend you read the story below to gain more details and stay tuned.


SpaceX news and annoucements…


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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise with IOT?

An exciting point of view regarding the development of IOT devices!

Report: Stayin’ Alive: Live Longer With IoT – HPE Enterprise Forward

IoT devices can cut costs, speed up processes, and lead to longer, healthier lives. How a network of devices creates life force…


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Lego Boost teaches kids how to bring blocks to life with code

If you’ve ever wished your childhood Lego creations could come to life, your dreams are now closer to reality. Lego has just unveiled a subbrand called Boost th…Read Full Article

This is potentially very exciting as The Lego Boost base set contains a combination of sensors, motors & a companion app that helps children learn how to code, so that they can program the robots they are creating.