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Coca-Cola Sets New Goal For A World Without Waste

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The Coca-Cola Company (KO) is the largest total beverage company in the world. It offers 500 plus brands in over 200 countries, and is committed to reducing sugar in its drinks and providing new and diverse drinks to people everywhere.

The Coca-Cola Company is working towards a global goal to help collect and recycle the equivalent of 100% of its packaging by the year 2030. This goal comes as part of Coca-Cola’s new packaging vision for World Without Waste. The Company intends to make its packaging 100% recyclable.

“The world has a packaging problem – and, like all companies, we have a responsibility to help solve it. Through our World Without Waste vision, we are investing in our planet and our packaging to help make this problem a thing of the past.” -said James Quincey, President and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company.

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The Coca-Cola Company Announces New Global Vision to Help Create a World Without Waste


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