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Double Yikes! Have You Heard About the “Leaning Tower of San Francisco?”

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San Francisco’s Millennium Tower, a 58-story luxury residence located in the hear to San Francisco has sunk 17 inches since construction began in 2005. “60 Minutes”, the famous and long-running Sunday news program highlighted the issues & showed pictures and footage of the ever-widening cracks in the basement of the tower last night. The “Leaning Tower of San Francisco” is in fact now tilting 14 inches!

As you might guess, litigation is in play as 250 homeowners are currently in a battle against the Transbay Joint Powers Authority, which is a public agency building the Transbay Transit Center next door. With the high cost of these condo units ranging from $1.6M to $10M, you can expect that this will rage on in the courts for some time and could be a big ticket to and for all involved.

New ’60 Minutes’ shows shocking footage of the cracks in the Millennium Tower basement


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