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Shocking Wildfires In NorCal Wine Country

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I woke up today in San Francisco to ash falling from the sky, my deck covered with ash and the strong smell of smoke throughout my home. I quickly learned that overnight that the now much publicized and reported wildfires were shockingly destroying tens of thousands of acres of property about 100 miles north of us in our much coveted Northern California Wine Country and the strong winds in the area were and still are delivering the ash across the Bay Area.

Our wish tonight is for all to be safe in this fight, all is under control soon and that we all push forward to rebuild and learn from this disaster.

You may see more details via the link to the story below.

Wildfires deal devastating blow to wine, tourism industries in California’s famed Wine Country

At least 15 wildfires raged across Northern California on Tuesday, burning at least 73,000 acres and destroying at least 1,500 buildings in Sonoma and Napa counties…

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