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The Beginning of the FinTech Revolution

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FinTech offers investors a unique opportunity. Large financial institutions have initially been resistant to technological change, but this is to be expected. Being highly regulated, the financial industry is naturally highly conservative. Change happens slowly. However, the marketplace is becoming a place where traditional financial institutions can’t compete. The majority is using their smartphone and online sources for their financial needs. Millennials are growing up without ever writing a check, or conducting a transaction inside a bank.

FinTech will inevitably be a driving force in the future of the financial industry and should be highly considered when pulling together a portfolio. Check out this article for a more in depth look.

3 Reasons FinTech Is Thriving

Technology is transforming finance. The established, cautious institutions will indeed change how they do things. It cannot help but happen. FinTech firms are innovative, daring, and increasingly successful. They are thriving, and they represent the future of finance…

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