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San Francisco Bay Area Fintech Expert & Former Visa Exec Robin O’Connell Added to Cachet Financial Solutions (Ticker: CAFN) Board!

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Minneapolis, MN based fintech provider Cachet Financial Solutions (Ticker: CAFN) recently added Robin O’Connell to its board of directors.

Robin O’Connell is EVP, Head of Growth and Partnerships at Uphold, Inc., a San Francisco-based fintech startup that makes it easy and cost effective to instantly hold, convert and send any form of money or commodity globally. As head of the Global Partnership Team, Mr. O’Connell drives new market development through bank partnerships for Uphold’s new FinTech Correspondent Banking Platform.

Prior to Uphold, Robin was VP, Business Development for WorldPay, a large international Acquirer. Previously, he held the same title at BetterFinance (formerly Billfloat, Inc.) and at Billeo, Inc. At BetterFinance, Mr. O’Connell signed over 50 distributor partnerships generating more than $50 million in annual revenues. At Billeo, he drove a 300 percent increase in year-over-year revenues.

Previously he held Director-level product and marketing roles at Visa, where he launched Visa’s first mobile payments application, Visa Mobile Rewards, as well as several other new e-commerce related systems.

Mr. O’Connell is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a B.A. in International Relations and has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

About Cachet

Minneapolis, MN based Cachet Financial Solutions (Ticker: CAFN) is a provider of software-as-a-service, or SaaS, financial technology, or fintech, solutions to the financial services industry that is currently seeking to uplist to the Nasdaq this Fall 2016.

Cachet provides traditional financial institutions and alternative financial service, or AFS, providers with innovative mobile and other solutions to enable them to offer a suite of leading-edge mobile financial services to their customers through the Internet, or cloud-based, access. As a SaaS provider, they develop, host and maintain software solutions that they license to their clients. They serve three primary markets in the United States: banks, credit unions and AFS providers, which includes providers of non-traditional banking services such as reloadable prepaid cards and check cashing services.

Note that Cachet has been expanding their suite of available fintech solutions. One of their recent solutions, Select Mobile™ Money, is an award-winning prepaid mobile money platform that seamlessly links various mobile banking features with a prepaid debit card issued by financial institutions or AFS providers. This solution enables card users, i.e., customers of their client financial institutions or AFS providers, to conveniently manage their card accounts through an easy-to-use integrated mobile application, or app, with multiple features that is downloaded onto their smart phone or tablet and, by adding a suite of available mobile financial services linked to their card accounts, enhances the card’s usefulness and the cardholder’s mobile banking experience. For example, prepaid cardholders using their application may deposit paper checks and direct payroll deposits into their prepaid card account, access cash from their prepaid card account at any automated teller machine, or ATM, and check their prepaid card account balance and transaction history. They believe that their Select Mobile Money solution is setting the industry standard for reloadable prepaid mobile money solutions.

To learn more about Cachet please visit the company dedicated page at Vista Partners.